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Companies nowadays are more keen in terms of taking care of their current customers and assuring that new clients will repeat business. This is the reason why businesses hire employees that can provide an excellent customer service. With the demand for customer service personnel and representatives becoming more evident, the competition for this job positions is becoming stiffer.

One way for you to assure that you can stand out from your competitors is through the use of a comprehensive cover letter. This post provides you with professional customer service Cover Letter Template samples that can help you in creating the specified document. More so, we have downloadable templates of Cover Letter Salutation samples in the provided link.

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Banking Customer Service

Customer Service Cover Letter from College

Customer Service Clerk

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Customizing Your Customer Service Cover Letter Template

In using and editing a customer service cover letter template, here are a few items that you should remember:

  • Be specific with the customer service job position that you want to land on. We have Entry-Level Cover Letters that you may use as references as well if you are applying for a rank-and-file customer service job position.
  • Make sure that you are aware of the requirements and qualifications of the customer service job position. Some professional position in the field of customer service are actually very strict when it comes to its age requirement especially those in the casino environment.
  • Do not just use the content that are already present in our customer service cover letter templates. It would be best if you will only use them as guides. Incorporate your own qualifications to make your cover letter stand out even more.
  • Look at other Cover Letter Examples so you can have comparisons on how your cover letter can play up should it be reviewed together with those of your competitors’.

Other than our samples of Customer Service cover letter templates, we can also provide you with samples of Latex Cover Letter Templates and General Cover Letter Templates.

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What’s in a Customer Service Cover Letter?

A cover letter can help a lot especially if it fully complements the content of your resume. A few items that you may put in your customer service cover letter are as follows:

  • Elaborate the details of your qualifications which are already found in your resume. Think of your cover letter as an extension of your professional profile.
  • Use instances in the working environment where you have used specific customer service skills to address an incident or solve an issue.
  • Identify reasons why you are deserving for the job position that you are applying for.
  • Make sure that you will list the systems used in customer service processes that you are aware of using.
  • Assure your prospective employer that you have a pleasing personality and professional work ethics.

For more samples of cover letters that you may use in various industries and fields of expertise, browse through’s downloadable samples of Word Cover Letters and Simple Cover Letter Templates for additional references.

Round out your job application with a professional cover letter. We have plenty of info about cover letters and how to write your own, but if you are specifically looking to work in customer service, you’ve come to the right place.

Use this sample as a reference for writing your own, or simply replace our information with your own. If, however, you’d rather have it professionally written, let our cover letter builder do the heavy lifting.

Table of Contents

  1. Customer Service Cover Letter Sample (Image)
  2. Customer Service Cover Letter (Text Format)
  3. 5 Tips for Writing Your Customer Service Cover Letter

1. Customer Service Cover Letter Sample (Image)

The below images show both the Customer Service Cover Letter and the Customer Service Resume. You can download your own for free by clicking the images below.

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Download the Customer Service Cover Letter Sample in MS Word

Looking for something different? Check out our cover letter collection for more examples.

2. Customer Service Cover Letter (Text Format)

Dec. 16, 2016

Sophie Darling

HR Manager


3324 Auburn Blvd.

Folsom, CA, 95671

(213) 888-8888

[email protected]

RE: Customer Service Position Application


Dear Ms. Darling:

I am writing to apply for a position on your customer service team at your Folsom Branch, as advertised on your company website. I have been in customer service for more than six years at two companies, with experience both in telemarketing and telecom service, as well as face-to-face customer interaction. Intel has a stellar reputation both for its products and as a place to work, and I feel I would enjoy the culture, atmosphere, and taking part in the company’s mission. I am confident I’d make a strong addition to the Intel Folsom team.

As mentioned, I have worked for two companies – first Barnes and Noble Books and Progressive Insurance. At Barnes and Noble I began as a cashier, but was quickly promoted to the information desk to help direct customers to sought after products and to address any inquires. While I was not a manager, I was one of the main customer service representatives at the store, handling a range of customer issues. At Barnes and Noble I learned how to handle difficult situations in a face-to-face environment, as well as basic salesmanship and customer service skills.

At Progressive I work at their call center and deal with customers exclusively remote, mostly by phone but occasionally over chat and online. I was named “Employee of the Month” in July 2015. This is due to my over 90% rate of customer satisfaction and 60% closing rating when selling a plan. I also am well versed in dealing with customer concerns and complaints, and have been trained in selling and managing more complicated accounts. I further have trained 5 employees.

My experience and natural communication skills make me a uniquely qualified and useful candidate for your customer service department. I would be a great fit for Intel and very much would appreciate the opportunity to meet you for an interview, if you’d consider me. Thank you for your time and consideration of my application, and I am looking forward to hearing back from you.

Sincerely Yours,

Sally Jones

Enclosed: Resume

3. 5 Tips for Writing Your Customer Service Cover Letter

1. Be clear: Customer service demands a very clear set of responsibilities, so you will want to show you have experience handling them. Be as specific as possible about what your previous duties (and achievements were).

2. Focus on your experience: You will certainly want to include a skills section, but many hiring managers will want to see that you have a bit of experience in dealing with customers, regardless of the medium. Be sure to mention exactly how many years experience you have in customer service, as well what kind of training you’ve received.

Your cover letter should function as both information and promotion.

3. Use numbers: Always quantify where you can. Write “fielded 50+ calls daily” instead of “answered many calls each day.” This gives hiring managers both a better idea of your experience and numbers have a way of sticking better than adverbs.

4. Promote yourself: Your cover letter should function as both information and promotion. The point of your application is to prove you are the perfect candidate for the job, so don’t be afraid to make yourself shine. Talk about why you’re great and all you’ve accomplished.

5. Use words from the job posting: If you can without making your cover letter seem forced, take exact words and phrases from the job posting and use them in your letter. These will act like keywords managers notice. It informs them your application is exactly what they’ve been looking for.


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