Kent Law School Westlaw Assignment

Need some help formatting your appellate brief?  Emily Barney and Debbie Ginsberg are around during the day on Thursday and Friday.

If you need help in the evenings or weekends, we’ve collected online materials – guides, videos, sample documents, and handouts – to help make formatting your brief in Word as straightforward as possible.

Word for Law School Library Guide

Need assistance after hours or over the weekend? This online guide has information and videos to help you:

Handout for Table of Authorities & Page Numbers

If your brief is written and you’ve styled it to create your Table of Contents, the last step is sorting out your page numbers for each section and marking your citations for your Table of Authority are usually the last steps.

This  handout is designed to help you verify each step is working as planned (print directly from Google Drive here)


Need to run a last-minute check on your document to look for and fix hard-to-find errors, from abbreviations you forgot to define to basic BlueBook errors?  PerfectIt works only with Windows, but you can find it on the PCs in the lab in the Library.

If you have a Windows computer, you can download a trial here.


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Most Chicago-Kent law school course websites use the Westlaw TWEN system (TWEN stands for The West Education Network).  Faculty use TWEN to post syllabi, course readings, links to useful websites, videos, and other resources.  Some faculty use TWEN to send emails and post announcements.

You can access TWEN at

After you log in

When you log in, you’ll see a list of websites for your courses.  Below is a typical example of what a 1L might see.  Not all course websites are in TWEN – your faculty members will tell you where to find your course sites if they are using an alternative.  Some courses don’t have a website.

Using a course site

Most faculty use the Syllabus and Course Materials folders. A typical Course Materials folder may contain Word documents, PDFs, links to other websites, or even internal sub-folders.  TWEN keeps track of whether or not you’ve read materials  that are posted.

Most materials can be read online without downloading them.  Note that some citations are hyperlinked to the original material in Westlaw.  Click the link to go to the original cite.

If a document cannot be displayed in your browser, you can download it to your computer:

Some faculty use other features in TWEN, such as forums, the assignment drop box, or quizzes.

I don’t see all of my courses!

A faculty member or their assistant will provide access to your TWEN site at the beginning of the semester.  But this process is not automatic, and some faculty prefer that students add themselves to the site.  You can add yourself to any of your course websites by clicking the “Add Course” button.

Click “+Add” next to the course you wish to add.  If you accidentally add the wrong course, click “-Remove”.  Do not add yourself to any courses for which you are not currently enrolled without permission from the instructor for the course.  When you are finished, click “Close.”

If you don’t see your course listed, please contact Debbie Ginsberg, Educational Technology Librarian.  Note that after the add-drop period, you cannot add yourself to more TWEN sites.  You’ll need to contact your instructor or Debbie

If you drop a course, you can use the “Drop Course” button to remove yourself from the TWEN site.

I need to change my email address or my name in TWEN

Please use your kentlaw email and the name associated with that email address in Westlaw and TWEN.  If you need to update either of these, use the “Update” link in the upper left side of your TWEN page (in the Welcome box).

On the main update page, you can update a few fields such as your address.  However, to update your name and email address, you must click “Manage OnePass Profile.”

Westlaw will then ask you to verify your identity by either sending a code to the email address they have on file or answering a security question.

After you verify your identity, Westlaw/TWEN will let you edit your name and email address:

If you run into any trouble resetting your personal information, please contact our Westlaw rep, Tami Carson.


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