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I had been looking for a Marketing job in Salt Lake City where I could work with open-minded, hard-working, yet friendly and fun people. I was ready to throw in the towel and take a job in Colorado when I interviewed with HotWax Systems. I could not be happier that I was patient enough to find the right job, because for me this is the most perfect position, setting, product to market, everything.
The main office here in SLC has only a few employees, the CEO included, but we get to work with people on 4 different continents - which is always fun. We have all sorts of office traditions and Friday afternoon darts matches, celebrate achievements with lunch, and so on. It's a very supportive atmosphere, where everyone does their best to support the company, to be creative, proactive, to learn new things and grow. And it's working!
The company just launched an SaaS product called HotWax Commerce - an ERP platform that is comparable to SAP in capabilities - that embodies 20 years of the CXOs consultancy and tech know-how. The thing is it's actually a really good product, real benefits, real concern for the customer, real concern for everyone who works here - it's a unicorn, you just can't find companies like these.
With all of the investment, and new hiring, I'm seriously expecting the company to go big really soon, well beyond the 100 current employees. The best part: now is the time when employees can invent their own jobs and departments, come up with standards and procedures, and set the tone for their future colleagues. I seriously love it.


206 Sacramento St
Ste 304
Nevada City, CA95959
(530) 340-2226

Kelly is the BEST! She totally reshaped my brows and I have never been happier! I have been seeing Kelly for over two years now and she has taken such good care of me with every visit (at least once a month). She is simply an expert - I have never had a sugaring experience feel so painless. Kelly also happens to be the most kind woman ever. Her space is warm and inviting, which matches who she is on the inside.

Kelly is a waxing expert. Her services are fast and professional. She does a thorough job and her technique is as painless has possible. She the best I've ever experienced and I highly recommend her!

Kelly is absolutely AMAZING!! I have been to so so so so many esthetician out there and not one of them have given me the peace of mind and confidence to relax and trust in a waxing experience. Never have my eyebrows looked so good also!! and the way she makes me feel instantly comfortable when I walk in the door until the moment I leave is amazing. Her perfectionism is such a blessing when it comes to hair. I trust her completely and recommend coming to her for all your waxing or sugaring needs! I always leave with a smile on my face and a feeling of wanting to tell the world of her magic! :)

Kelly was an absolute delight and got my mind off of the situation at hand. As an esthetician in the bay area specializing in wax & sugar myself, I am extremely picky about who I go to. Sadly I'm also a nervous wreck when it comes to any kind of pain. Kelly put me at ease immediately. She is so knowledgeable about all the ingredients and knows exactly how a sugar should be done. Ingrown hairs happen for many reasons. Dry skin, excessive sweat, the list goes on & each person is different. However, I am prone to in grown hairs and irritation. Not one ingrown and it's been a couple of weeks! I've been to other places that had me out in 15 min or less, however in their rush to get to the next client my hairs were broken and problems galore. Kelly is still super fast, but is detailed. She took her time to make sure every hair was removed from the follicle properly. It was one of the least painful Brazilians I've ever had. She is truly a master at her craft!

Kelly is the best! After several failed attempts to find a good, professional waxer, the universe led me to Kelly! I would highly recommend her to anyone. She far exceeded my expectations and hopes! Her salon is the cleanest place I've ever been! It is so inviting and always smells amazing! It's my zen space for a short while. Her products are great and her knowledge has helped get my skin to an amazing place! Her skill is seriously a blessing and it shows in her work. She makes you feel so welcomed and really cares about her clients. 10/10

I cannot recommend this place enough!! Who knew we had such a place in our little county?? As a woman it can be intimidating getting those lady parts taken care of...Hot Wax is so professional and made me feel very comfortable while providing a perfect wax!

I had the most positive experience with Kelly at her beautiful salon. I recently moved to the area and was seeking out a good place for a Brazilian waxing or sugaring. I had always done wax in the past, but had been turned onto sugaring recently and was keen to try it. I turned to Yelp, even though it has steered me wrong in the past, and came upon Kelly's salon. I was pleased to find a salon that specialized in hair removal so I figured it was worth a try. I booked a sugaring appointment online and Kelly called the next day to go over a few things. She explained that she typically does not do sugar on first time, sugar-virgin clients so she would be waxing me instead, and we could transition to sugar after establishing a waxing routine. I was a little disappointed, but it was fine by me - she's the expert! Fast forward to the actual appointment. It started off on slightly shaky ground as I had accidentally booked my wax a full month after I had intended to and not realized it (100% my fault, oops!). Kelly was super nice about my mistake and offered to fit me in later that day, thank goodness!! Major bonus points there for excellent service. When I came back later we got right to it! Everything appeared very sanitary, Kelly explained everything she was going to do before doing it, and she was probably the most informative esthetician I have ever encountered. I found her very personable, not shy at all (great quality to have for intimate waxing!), and above all very professional. And much to my delight she did end up sugaring me! Turns out I have the right hair/skin type for sugaring (as well as high pain tolerance) and O.M.G. I have lived in the Bay Area and Chicago for most of my life, with access to what I assumed was the best in the business of hair removal. Boy, was I wrong. This was far and away THE BEST Brazilian I have EVER had!! I am so pleased with the results and even more pleased I discovered Kelly. Kelly is incredibly knowledgeable and passionate about her craft and the proof is in the results. If you are looking for any kind of hair removal services in the Nevada City area, look no further. Kelly is the expert, her salon is beautiful, prices reasonable, the list goes on. I honestly have nothing but good things to say.

I've been seeing Kelly ever since she first came to Nevada City. She is simply the best, anywhere and everywhere! She is always very accommodating with scheduling and her technique is quick, painless, sanitary and thorough. She's a perfectionist in all the right ways. She's also super sweet and funny. I always recommend her for waxing and SUGARING! Sugaring is hard to find and she is a true master.

Happily surprised by how great the experience was! Definitely made a return client out of me. So excited I found her business!

I value quality and customer service, and Kelly gets a 5-star rating for both. In the year since I've been going to Kelly, she has gone above and beyond to make sure that I have a great experience. I've been a bit of a challenging client as I have very sensitive facial skin, but Kelly kept trying different techniques and products until we got things right. I really appreciate that she always looked for a new solution. She doesn't just want to make things better; she wants to make them perfect! Kelly, thank you for your dedication and always making me feel comfortable :)

I so love the peace and calmness of Kelly's studio/Spa!! Her passion for detail and her perfectionism is a tremendous benefit to each client that is fortunate enough to find Kelly. You'll never ever make the mistake of having just anyone wax you after you've had Kelly's professionalism.

Kelly is absolutely amazing! I was very shy at first to go here and get a brazillian for the fisrt time but she made me feel very comfortable! Im so appy with the work she does. She is fast, clean, and efficient! She has made a client for as long as im here. Her office is very clean and calming! I HIGHLY recomend Kelly. She is the best of the best.

Kelly is so amazing and professional! I was so nervous and she coached me through the whole thing. This is definitely my favorite waxing studio and I'm gonna keep going to her for any waxing I need! So happy!!

I was able to get in to see Kelly the day after I called thanks to a cancellation and I desperately needed a wax. She was super sweet over the phone and gave me a brief consultation to make sure we were on the same page. When I got to the studio she greeted me and had me fill out paperwork and then got down to business. She is super professional and helps put you at ease through the entire experience... it had been awhile since my last wax and I expected it to be way painful but she is so good at what she does that I hardly had any pain. No bs! I just moved to the area and am so happy I tried Kelly first! She's a true expert!

I love Kelly. She makes you feel completely Comfortable which is a tricky thing since you basically walk in and take your clothes off. I found her professional, fast and knowledgable. I'll definitely go back!

Wow. best wax experience EVER!! And I learned allot too! Been doing Brazilian waxes for 15 years and she is the best is every way.

The other reviews are very accurate! I really can only echo the same sentiments. Kelly immediately put me at ease by having a very friendly, yet highly professional attitude. She took the extra time to make sure that I wouldn't have an adverse reaction to the wax since I had recently taken antibiotics. I've never had an aesthetician pay so much attention to my safety. Her studio is gorgeous, warm, cozy, and kept immaculately clean. She even decorated it herself and it has a beautiful and homey feel. She was thorough and fast. I cannot recommend her enough!

Kelly is fabulous! She is very knowledgable and works with you to find the right product for your skin. Kelly has always been flexible with her schedule and always has a smile on her face. If you are looking into getting waxed for the first time or looking to switch- HIGHLY suggestion Kelly.

Kelly is great! First time getting a brazillian and I can't imagine going to anyone else. Super professional, very thorough and so comfortable to work with.

I just want to start by saying Kelly is a ROCKSTAR! My first lady wax and I am so glad it was with Kelly. She was so nice and talked me through the whole thing. I was amazed at how calm she made me. She was very educated on the entire process and on how the hair follicles work. Everything gone, even the happy trail. A++++++


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