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MADRID — Real Madrid says it has reached a deal to sign Brazil’s new teenage star, Vinicius Junior.

The 16-year-old forward, who currently plays for Flamengo and is seen in Brazil as potentially being the next Neymar, will become a Madrid player in July 2018.

However, the Spanish club said in a statement Tuesday that Vinicius Junior is likely to stay at Flamengo until July 2019, although “he will be able to play for Real Madrid before then if both clubs agree to it.”

Details of the transfer fee were not released by either club, but Brazilian media said the move is worth about 45 million euros ($50 million), which would make him the most expensive Brazilian signing since Neymar joined Barcelona in 2013. Neymar’s transfer is the subject of a court case, with Barcelona saying that the fee was 57.1 million euros.

Flamengo directors said Madrid has been following the player since he was 11 years old.

Speedy and extremely skillful, Vinicius Junior is best known for his performances with Brazil’s under-17 team, which won the South American championship this year. He was voted the competition’s best player and finished as its top goal-scorer with seven goals.

Vinicius Junior turned professional this month and made his debut two weeks ago by playing 10 minutes in Flamengo’s 1-1 home draw against Atletico Mineiro in the first round of the Brazilian championship. Last weekend he played another 10 minutes in a 3-0 win over Atletico Goianiense.

Are you looking for a Brazilian digital copywriter for your startup, product, or company?

You’ve found him!

I love technology & writing, and combine both to reach people and news clients!


I’m able to:

  • Translate and localize your products within the brazilian market;

  • Develop newcontent on demand (blog posts, newsletters, social networks, video screenplay, infographics etc.);

  • Help to create a local marketing and communication plans.

But first, let me introduce myself 🙂

My name is Vinicius, I’m brazilian marketer and tech journalist with a graduate degree in Marketing and Business Administration, certified in Inbound Marketing by Hubspot, with extensive knowledge of local media, growth hacking, startup culture, and experience working in international digital companies, newsrooms, and communication agencies.

The beginning in a newspaper newsroom

I started my career working as a journalist for Agora, a popular newspaper from Folha de S.Paulo Group, Brazil’s leading news company.

There, I learnt a lot about technology writing consumer guides, new social networks, viral videos on YouTube etc.

Most importantly, I learned how to write with a high degree of skill and care, due to Folha de S.Paulo’s strict editing. I learned to value greatly the importance of clear, concise and correct writing.

As a result, I studied and began to follow the FolhaWriting Guide. It’s the most complete and practical tool for writing in Brazilian Portuguese.

Just as one example, this guide tells you to write in full numerals from zero to ten, and use numbers from 11 to above (e.g. 21, 100, 1001).

Also it teaches how to write abbreviations: less than three letters, upperscale (e.g. URL); more than four and readable, lowercase (e.g. Nasa).

Of course, these rules aren’t universal, but can make your text more readable and impressive.

My portfolio from this period is available for view online at Flickr.


After this experience, I decided that it was time to move forward. Digital market was growing and I wanted to move to into digital journalism, more specifically to INFO (kind of brazilian Wired) website, the leading Brazilian tech website at that time. INFO had been a leader in this area for almost 30 years.

The first edition was published in March, 1986. The last, went to newsstands in August, 2015 due to the impact that the digital economy had brought to journalism, (for the record, I’m not complaining about these changes).

In this job, I continued to upgrade my technology skills and learning about digital companies. Even more than that, the startup scene had begun and was beginning to flourish. It was love at first sight!

After, I began to have my own ideas about launching a startup: a kind of marketplace for vinyl LPs.

It was an opportunity to combine two of my greatest passions: music and technology.

The name was ( It was a good idea, and we had a great launch including a PR campaign, but, at that time, I wasn’t really prepared to develop my business and make it grow.

Still, during this period I had my biggest moment. While working as a reporter I discovered that Instagram’s co-founder, Mike Krieger, is brazilian. It was 2011, the app was beginning to take off, and soon Mike became a celebrity. He started appearing on the cover of every brazilian magazine. Those were good times!

In August of 2015, INFO website was shut down, along with the magazine and links to my portfolio 🙁

A global digital company 

I always had a vision for business (remember and after finishing a graduate degree in Business Administration and Marketing, I joined the Eventbrite team in Latin America.

I did a lot of quality work there, such as developing local transnational e-mails, writing blog content, SEO optimization, PR, and growth hacking. I was also the man on location, responsible for giving support and coordinating all localization of products to launch on the Brazilian market.

Eventbrite has a person on staff in San Francisco, a language specialist who I became friends with. He’s been responsible for coordinating all international translations, and we worked together on this project.


… and sure, I know SEO – because of that, this post is so long. But, at the same time, I can, and want to apply all this knowledge to your project!

So, If you’re looking for a digital copywriter and native speaker, with passion and knowledge for technology, to localize and give support for your product launch in Brazil, I think I’d the best guy to help you out and do a great job!

Send me an e-mail at viniciusaguiari @ I’ll gladly respond ASAP, and then we can start a conversation.

More about me:

A service that I love today: Nubank!

Something that I can’t live without:

What I love to do: ride my single speed bike!

Looking forward to your contact 🙂



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